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Why Choose a B&B Instead of a Hotel?


When considering holiday accommodation your thoughts will probably first turn towards hotels. But what if there was an alternative, that is not only cheaper but also offers a unique and quirky experience that can’t be found anywhere else? That’s what makes bed and breakfasts the perfect choice.

The Personal Touch

Checking into a hotel in a popular and busy location can often be a stressful or impersonal experience: not the perfect start to your break! Overworked staff members can become flustered and make mistakes, or simply feel unable to give you their full attention due to the sheer numbers of guests staying with them. Stressed or overly busy staff certainly have a negative effect on your experience as a guest.

However, with B&Bs this negative experience is avoided simply by limiting the number of guests staying at the accommodation. With fewer people to look after, the B&B owner can take the time to treat you as an individual and give you their undivided attention, tailoring the B&B experience to your specific needs. The B&B is their pride and joy, and in many cases is also the owner’s home, so they will strive to create the best experience possible for their guests and prove that they are great hosts. Don’t be surprised if you receive added extras such as bottles of water, free car parking or a cuppa as soon as you arrive, for example. Much more than you’d get with most hotels!

Local Knowledge

You’ll often find that B&B owners are local, which means they’re an unrivalled source of knowledge when it comes to finding somewhere to eat, providing local taxi numbers, personalised walking routes, or letting you know which attractions are worth a visit. Hedgefield House in Newcastle, for example, can provide all manner of tips and information on nearby historical and cultural attractions, as well as letting you know where the best shops are to be found!