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Airbnb vs Bed & Breakfasts


So, you want to take a weekend or short break at home or abroad? You may be considering the choice between Bed and Breakfast and an Airbnb property.

What is Airbnb?

Property owners let out complete properties or just rooms within their own home. This can be an economical option, with self-catering facilities but outcomes are variable.

A comparison between the two alternatives:

  • Location – Bed and Breakfast – you will be able to check exactly where you are staying beforehand. With Airbnb, you do not usually see the exact address on the online listing. At this stage, you may discover that the beautiful villa in Tuscany is 4 miles from the village up a steep hill.
  • Rooms & Storage Space – Bed and Breakfast rooms will be exclusively for the use of paying guests. With Airbnb, if the accommodation is only let occasionally, there may be clothes and other belongings stored in the letting rooms, making wardrobe space limited.
  • Cleanliness – Bed and Breakfast accommodation is professionally cleaned and serviced by staff. Airbnb accommodation may be clean, but feedback from Airbnb guests proves that this is by no means always the case.
  • Reviews & Feedback – Reviews of Bed and Breakfast accommodation are posted on the owner’s website and on independent third-party sites. The owners cannot review the guests. With Airbnb, the owner also reviews the guests, which means that guests themselves can be maligned.
  • Professional Affiliations – It is usual for Bed and Breakfast owners to be members of reputable organisations and to offer appropriate training to staff, which is almost never the case with Airbnb.

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