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Festival North East 2013

Here at Hedgefield House Hotel we are always on the look out for things going on in and around the North East. The reason being we want our guests to not only enjoy their stay with us but also enjoy their stay in the area itself.

We want them to return home to wherever they may live and wax lyrical about their stay in the North East and tell their friends and family about their trip.

Not only because we would like the repeat business, which we won’t deny is always nice, but because we’re proud of the North East and its history and also proud of the famous warm welcome you get from the people up here, and we want more people to experience not only this but what the area has to offer.

In short we hate to see our guests who are here on a break bored, so we are always on the look out for things happening in and around the area so we can inform them and hopefully make their stay at Hedgefield House more enjoyable.

Fortunately we’ve recently stumbled across a fantastic website that can do just this. Festival North East 2013 is basically a one stop shop to tell you whats happening in the North East, and best of all it even has a calendar of events so you can arrange your stay to suit the attractions you’d like to visit.

So follow the link and get browsing, then hopefully you’ll be heading straight back to our online bookings page to book your stay with us.

Many Thanks