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Nature - How Does it Benefit Us?

You may think that you can only reap the benefits of nature in good weather conditions but in truth nature benefits us in many ways all year round with what is has to offer to us. Take a look at the ways nature frequently benefits us on an almost daily basis!

Fresh Air

There’s nothing better than getting out into the open after being shut away either at home or at work. Sometimes all you need to do is un-wind and take a walk which can often relieve a lot of stress and clear your mind. Nature provides us a place to get away from our the hustle and bustle of city life and also a place to do creative ventures like mountain biking, abseiling and hiking all of which prove to be good exercise for your body. It’s also good to get that vitamin D into your system that can prevent your body from suffering various health issues.

Natural Resources

Nature provides us with a lot of resources that we can harvest when out and about but there are things you must take into account. If you are looking to take plants then only try to take a cutting. Berries and mushrooms are all good things to pick and use for a good meal however you have always got to be 100% certain that what you are picking is ok to eat and definitely not poisonous. Looking at the big bigger nature provides us with the substantial things we require to stay alive like warmth, clean water, food and fuel!


School trips provide kids to get out and about in nature and experience it first-hand without having to be sat behind a desk all the time. It’s a lot more hands on to show them nature and get them involved which captures their attention.