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Perfect Way to Relax & Recharge


We all love to indulge in the occasional weekend away, with city breaks and longer winter-sun breaks growing in popularity. But recent studies have shown that the most relaxing and regenerative weekends away are those that last three to four days and take place right here in the UK.

Splash Out Without Breaking the Bank

The great thing about these long weekend getaways is that you can pack more into a smaller amount of time! The days-to-cost ratio might not be as good as an all-inclusive two-week holiday abroad, but the benefits are much better.

Choosing to stay for just two or three nights in a nice hotel or B&B in the UK means that you can enjoy additional treats, such as a special meal or an upmarket bottle of wine without worrying about going over budget every night of a two-week break. A spa treatment or one day’s sightseeing with afternoon tea is much more affordable but still a special treat. In short, going away without worrying about money is a huge benefit to a short UK break.

Less Travel Hassle

What’s more, taking a long weekend in the UK also has the added benefit of avoiding the time, cost and hassle of airport travel: taking the train or driving, means more flexibility and less stress.

Probably the best thing about a long weekend in the UK is the sheer volume of choice on offer. Special places to stay abound, just like here at Hedgefield House, which is close to Hadrian’s Wall and the beautiful Northumbrian countryside. And for those looking to relax and recharge without waiting at an airport or breaking the bank, a UK break often offers the perfect mix of city and country.

Our small island is justifiably famous for its history, culture and homely B&Bs. So, it would seem a shame not to make the most of it with a long weekend getaway now and again.