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Top Tips for Relaxing on Holiday


In the busy, connected world that is the 21st century, it can be hard to just shut off and relax. This can leave you feeling run-down and stressed out as you continue to juggle and meet the demands of everyday life. However, booking a trip to the British countryside could help you de-stress, relieve those aches and pains and truly help you to relax.

So, you have made the booking to a beautiful part of the British countryside but how do you fully switch off so that you can return to the humdrum of modern life feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and relaxed.

Our three top tips for a relaxing countryside break:

Switch off your Devices – this sounds simple, but in reality, it’s hard, as we are a society that is used to being connected to the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Leave your electronic devices turned off and in your accommodation and only check them once for a limited period.

Go for a Walk – you are in a picturesque part of the United Kingdom, get out and enjoy it. Go and explore your surroundings, take in the beauty of the countryside, admire the wildlife and plants, and just breathe – feel your shoulders begin to relax and de-stress.

Look at the Stars – when was the last time you looked up at the sky and admired the stars? Take the time whilst away in your countryside retreat to go out at night time, wrap up, take a picnic blanket and engage in some stargazing and amaze yourself at the wonderous world above you, free of the light pollution from the city.

One ideal place to head to for your British countryside break is Hedgefield House, located 4 miles outside of Newcastle. You can enjoy ourĀ beautifully maintained gardens and unparalleled hospitality as you relax and unwind.