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Valentine’s Day at Hedgefield House

Tired of Valentine’s Day and the same routine every year? Going out for dinner, watching a movie and getting flowers as a present. Why don’t you try out something different this year.
Hedgefield House is the perfect location to spend the day of love or a romantic weekend with your dearest.
You can either book a Double En-suite, the Standard Double Room or any other room which suits your romantic vision. Seize the day to relax and give you and your partner the chance to escape from the everyday routine. You can take your darling out to the private sauna and afterwards you could enjoy a massage from our professional masseur.

Don’t miss out to go for a romantic walk to our wonderful gardens. Not all of the beautiful flowers and exotic plants will bloom yet but the gardens are definitely worth a visit. Have a look at the walled garden, the woodland area, or Hedgefield Ponds. You won’t be disappointed of the beautiful nature.

Pssst, here is a little extra information.
Hedgefield House is also one of the nearest guest accommodations to Close House where you can marry your sweetheart and have an unforgettable ceremony. But don’t jump the gun on it and take it one step at a time!

So celebrate the probably most romantic day of the year away from the hub-bub of city life and surprise your partner with a totally different Valentine’s Day then the years before. You won’t regret it.