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B&B or AirBnB?


In recent years, the popularity of AirBnB has risen to the point where it has become an alternative to the traditional B&B. As both have their advantages and disadvantages, it can be difficult to choose which is best for you. Here is some advice to help you decide.


In an AirBnB, a property owner temporarily rents out their home or part of it to holidaymakers or others on a short trip. You are essentially living in someone else’s home for a short while. It is easy to find and book and AirBnB by looking online.

AirBnB does tend to be cheaper than a traditional B&B, but that reduced cost comes at a price. An AirBnB will give you a roof over your head, but it will be up to you to provide the food and you are not going to receive much in the way of hospitality from the owners. It allows you more freedom and flexibility, but that does come with limits.


The extra cost of a B&B is more than worth it if you are looking for a higher quality of service. Most B&B’s will, as the name suggests, offer you breakfast and may have a restaurant capable of serving dinner. Many will also have complimentary tea and coffee available in your room. There will be staff available at a B&B to answer your questions and deal with any issues, as well as potentially offering guidance as to the local area.

Hedgefield House is one example of a luxurious B&B that offers a range of services as well as a convenient location for anyone visiting the North East. The B&B comes with Wi-Fi and free parking, as well as less common features such as a gym and sauna. The historic building is an ideal base for exploring Newcastle and Northumbria.