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Beamish Museum - Living Outdoor Museum of the North -

Being a bed and breakfast within the Newcastle area we want you to enjoy your stay with us as mush as possible. This means getting out there and seeing what our city has to offer and today I would like to introduce you to Beamish.

Beamish Museum is the North’s only outdoor living museum, spread across 300 acres of County Durham countryside this fantastic attraction brings open your eyes to what life was like in the North back in the Victorian, Edwardian and Georgian times.

Real life, costumed, demonstrators give you first hand experience of what an Edwardian Town and Pit Village were like along with a fantastic drift mine. At Pockerley Old Hall and Home Farm, see how agricultural life was transformed in the region at the hands of the industrial revolution.

Although, once your there, it may seem the buildings are merely replicas of what once was, this is not the case. Brick-by-brick they have been rebuilt in order to give visitors a real feel for the history and experience the conditions the people lived in. Within the Regional Resource Centre we have a huge collection of photos, objects and many other items that are linked to the history of these times, they can be seen by appointment should you wish to see them.

Across the calendar, Beamish brings an vast array of events, from the Great North Steam Fair to a typical Georgian Fair and much more! They also host spine chilling Halloween Events and a massive Christmas season.

Beamish works on a 1 off yearly fee which means that you can access the museum at any time within 12 months. So basically we want you to visit once and then return as many times as you like within the year completely FREE.

Head over to the website to learn more with regards to this fantastic attraction.