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Fenwicks Windows

It might seem a while away yet but soon enough we will be hitting the hustle and bustle that is Christmas. Full of presents, tasty food, family gatherings and that crazy rush around for last minute gifts. Settled on Northumberland Street, one of Newcastle’s busiest is a special display set up every year for Christmas, Fenwicks Windows. You might not understand straight away what this is if you are new to the area but there’s a slight hint in the name.

Fenwicks is an independent department store situated on Northumberland street and around about this time of year in the lead up to Christmas they put up a display in their main windows. The display is split up into sections which are often used to tell a story to those who pass by. These stories tend to be around either fairytales or traditional children’s tales but either way the moving figures and enchanting music are captivating to watch.

One of the nice things about Fenwicks Windows is that depending on which way you are walking you can read the story just whilst you are walking by. The beauty of the layout is that you don’t need to stop to look at each section in detail if you don’t want to or simply don’t have the time. It doesn’t matter who you are at what age it is always worth passing by it each year to see what the theme is, especially with children.

For 2014 they will be releasing the new theme on Friday so why not pop into town to witness the great reveal!